Gainesville and Regional Bands Known In Gainesville

This list is by no means complete and will probably never be...but these are some of the many bands on the scene in Gainesville from the mid '60s to the mid '70s.

Archer Bank

Archer Road Band





Blue Water



Celebration – Alberto De Almar guitar, Gerry Greenhouse drums, Steve Margulis bass Bill Sabella organ

Chautauqua - Tim Donaldson, David Nelson, Ted Ramsey Mike Fender

City Steve and the Okeefenokee Swamp Gas Band



Dark Star – Al Hospers

Dixie Desperados

Flight--Laurence White, Robin Gould and David Darlington Later, Bob Gardner replaced David on bass, Gerry Greenhouse (Celebration) replaced Robin on drums and the band was renamed Gardner, Greenhouse and White.

Froggy & the Magic Twangers -- Pete Murphy, Carl Sokol, Al Hospers, Marty Stinger

Frosted Glass

Gardner, Greenhouse and White

Gingerbread - Don Felder, gtr, John Winter, organ, voc, Chuck Newcomb, bass, vocal, Michael Barnett, drums




Hog Town Creek – Tom Holtz, Mark Pinsky, Mike Branch

Homer-- Pinsky, McNellis, Tom Small, Bob Harris

Lizard- Bruce Bush, Mark Scarborough, Tom Holtz, 1974

Maundy Quintet – Don Felder, Boomer Hough, Bernie Leadon, Tom Laughon

Midnight Machete

Mixed Company – Ron Thomas bs, Ginnie McCullough, Duke Clark gtr

Mr. Moose – Archie McCoy, Stan Bush, George Mixson, Richard Tedder, Bill Lee


Noah's Ark

Philman Family Band

Pink Panthers---Don Felder/Sol Veron, Bernie Leadon, Boomer Hough, Tom Laughon

Powerglide- Nancy Luca, greg mcmillan, Guffy Crampton and Steve Nelson

Prairie Dogs

Purlee – Bob Harris, Marty Stinger, Al Hospers, Mike Barnhart, Zeke Zirngable

RGF - Jeff Jourard, Carl Patti/Ron Blair, Doug Damico, Randy Williford, Tom Patti, Michael Hitchcock

Riff- Robert Crawford, Trantham Whitley, Mike Branch, Jon Rhoads and Herbie Bohannon

Road Turkey- Marty Jourard, Stan Lynch, Steve Soar, Carl Patti

Rosewater Blue

Sam- Bruce Brashear, Larry Rankin, Steve Flake, Ted Ramsey and Mike Fender

Soal Blues

Marty Jourard, Charles Chesnut, Tom Anderson, J.R., Ned Phillips

Styrophoam Soule



The Airemont Classic_Gary Gordon, Glenn Anton, Steve Soar, Tommy Freeland, Joe Folsom

The Allegros

The Archer Road Band

The Barracudas -- Barry Baumstein, Whit Springfield, Greg Ray, Hal Wright and David Wright

The Better 1/2

The Bitter End

The Bouquet

The Centurys

The Certain Amount

The Cobras

The Continentals – Steve Stills, Don Felder

The Controls

The Cool Tooles

The Coyotes – Michael Boulware, Tom Leadon

The Dimensions-Sandy Stringfellow, Benmont Tench, Mike Harper, Lockie McGinnis

The Druids-Paul "Lefty" Wright, drm; Paul Ashdown, rhy gtr; Mike Meeker, ld gtr; Bill Feaster, bs, David Mason, org

The Epics

The Essex – Tom Holtz, Tom Leadon, Mike Fender, Mike Branch and Chip Grant

The Ghetto Gang

The Henchmen

The Highlanders

The Hustlers

The Incidentals

The Independents

The Jades -- Chuck Newcomb, Dana Klees, Mark Scarborough, Ron Blair, Tom Holtz, Mike Hitchcock, Mark Pinske, Kenneth Green

The Jazz Project

The Jules Verne Band

The Limits of Persuasion

The Lords

The Melodettes

The Mildew Brothers

The Movers

The Nation Rocking Shadows

The Odd

The Playboys

The Primitives

The Rare Breed

The Secret Agents Trantham, Jack Nettles, circa '64 '65

The Shadows of Night

The Southgate Singers

The Sundowners – Tom Petty

The Taxmen -- David Mason, Dean Lowry, Larry Lipham, Jimmy Forsman

The Tel Stars

The Tyrovian Reef Beasts -- Richie Bertone, 1972

The U.S. Males- Jim Conner, Bill Crawford, Bruce Brashear, Tom Derrick, and Larry Rankin

The Uniques—5/64

The Whitfield Union – 1967, Larry Ratliff, Bruce Bush, Mike Ewing, Harold Dawkins, Pete Bascombe

Uncle Funnel and the Push-Gary Gordon, Steve Soar, Tommy Freeland, Joe Folsom, Marty Jourard

Unicorn -- Peter Einhorn, Al Hospers, Anne Lampert

Us -- Rick Doeschler, Ronnie Van Zandt

Weston Prim and Blacklash